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    1. Applicants must be members in good standing with USA Judo, the United States Judo Federation, or the United States Judo Association, or a judo organization recognized by the International Judo Federation.
    2. A parent or legal guardian must apply for any persons under the age of 18.
    3. Eligible funding from the Boston Judo Fund Judo can include – but will not be limited images56hkdkqoto – expenses related to:
    4. junior and senior judo competitions that receive classification and points on the USA Judo national roster – as USA Judo may establish and revise from time to time;
    5. participation in judo competition, training, educational and developmental events sponsored and/or sanctioned by USA Judo, or the United States Judo Federation, or the United States Judo Association;
    6. support for disadvantaged youth to participate in developmental judo programs;
    7. educational support for disadvantaged youth judo players ;
    8. establishing programs and facilities to promote and develop judo educational and training programs for disadvantaged youth, and developing national and international judo competitors of all ages.
    9. All requests for funding must be made – at the latest – three weeks prior to the deadline to the event/activity for which you are requesting funding. No requests will be processed after that time.
    10. Applicants must request in advance for travel fees or expenses.
    11. It is the applicant’s responsibility to allow sufficient time for the Boston Judo Fund to purchase or pay fees or other expenses before the event.
    12. If awarded, the Boston Judo Fund, where applicable, will pay these expenses in advance, directly to the agency that provides the service.
    13. Last, please complete and submit this application



The Boston Judo Fund

45 Fells Road, Winchester, MA  01890